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Real estate: how to get a good credit rate?

Do you want to realize your dream of becoming a homeowner? Do you need to take out a mortgage? It is for this reason that you are considering hiring a mortgage broker. You are aware of the importance of the services offered by this professional! This is why you plan to contact one. Anyway, know that you can also contact your bank directly. It’s up to you to find the solution that seems most practical to you. The important thing is that you can find the best rate.

When to apply for credit?

One of the questions that comes up often is: when to apply for credit? Generally speaking, there is no ideal age to apply for a loan. However, “young” borrower is if possible, a good idea. Indeed, if you plan to make a mortgage, you can only repay until a certain age. The length of your loan and your age are important.

As a reminder, the real estate broker is the intermediary between the bank and the borrower. It is his first role! However, the real estate financing broker advises the borrower so that the latter can make the right decisions. The real estate broker makes life easier for his clients by taking care of all the steps (negotiation, studies, reminders, etc.) to obtain credit.

Have a stable professional situation

The borrower’s professional situation remains one of the key elements for the bank. The profile of the borrower, the stability and nature of his income, professional seniority are all factors analyzed by the lending bank.

Have good account management

Once your file is submitted to the bank , the latter takes the time to study the elements of your financing request. Your loan request is likely to be refused if during the last months, your account has overdrafts, overdrafts related to the management of your finances. By presenting a sound and rigorous management of your account, you will demonstrate your seriousness and your capacity to reimburse your future monthly payment.

Take advantage of the PTZ

You’ve probably heard of the PTZ (Zero Rate Loan). As a reminder, this is a loan to facilitate the purchase of your main residence in old and new, without having owned or accessed the property of a main residence in the last 24 months. So check if you are eligible for the zero rate loan. Before choosing the bank or financial organization, do not hesitate to make a mortgage loan simulation. This will help you greatly.

Compare the offers of different banks

It is important to note that each bank has its own policy and loan conditions. It is for this reason that you should not rush. Take the time to compare banking offers with each other . You will know which establishment has the conditions that best meet your needs and expectations.

Have you ever heard of partial prepayment? Overall, the majority of borrowers opt for a loan repayment over twenty years . Remember that you will be able, if possible, to make a partial early repayment which will allow you to benefit from a non-negligible financial advantage, a simulation of the gain is possible without commitment from your bank advisor when the time comes. By repaying part of the amount borrowed from the bank, your monthly payment or the duration of your loan will be reduced, at your choice. The cost of loan will be reduced.