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Loans without Credit Bureau – instant Credit Bureau-free loans

The desired loan amount within a very short time

The loan without Credit Bureau is one of the most popular loan options that we offer. Without Credit Bureau information and without Credit Bureau entry, you can – thanks to our quick & professional handling – have the desired loan amount within a very short time. In contrast to other types of credit, you enjoy a number of important advantages with Credit Bureau-free credit.

The advantages of credit without Credit Bureau at a glance:

  • no Credit Bureau and bank information
  • no entry in Credit Bureau after loan payment
  • without knowing your bank
  • fixed interest rate and constant monthly rate
  • even with hard negative features in Credit Bureau information
  • convenient and quick processing by post
  • Lending by a renowned Cream Bank for over 30 years
  • we take care of all the formalities for you
  • without collateral, without spouse and without guarantor
  • Loan amount up to 5,000 USD
  • no problems with existing loans and financing
  • Credit decision online immediately!
  • no impact on your credit line
  • Payment of the loan amount in cash by postman possible

Further information on credit without Credit Bureau:

In the case of a loan without Credit Bureau, the applicant does not obtain Credit Bureau information during the check. After the payment has been made, there is also no entry about the loan taken out. The house bank does not receive any information that you have taken out another loan and you therefore have no problems with existing loans or your credit line.

When paying out the loan amount, you can also choose whether it should be conveniently made by bank transfer or in cash by the postman (so-called post-cash payment).

Credit Bureau-free credit is usually requested when there are negative entries in Credit Bureau that prevent normal banks from granting credit, or when the loan is discreet and without knowledge of the house bank, spouse or similar. is needed.

The credit without Credit Bureau is completely at your free disposal – it is therefore not necessary to specify the purpose. The loan amount can be paid out within 5 – 10 days.